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Altai U1 Super WiFi USB Client
The Altai U1 Super WiFi USB client is designed as an essential component in the Altai Super WiFi system to extend outdoor WiFi coverage into indoor areas for broadband connectivity.

The Altai U1 employs patented smart signal processing algorithms and antenna design to increase WiFi signal strength (transmit and receive) by as much as 15 dB in areas covered by an A8n Super WiFi Base Station or A2 WiFi Access Point. It can be installed exactly where the throughput is required to boost up, and it allows the service operator to increase the coverage range of an A8n base station substantially and provides greater flexibility and cost savings to WiFi deployments.

Convenient USB Powered
The U1 WiFi client is designed to get power from a laptop through an external USB cable. It can be equipped whenever the greatest signal strength and throughput is required.

As an integral part of our Super WiFi network infrastructure, the Altai U1 WiFi client differentiates others with:
- Features built-in for carriers including client performance statistics
- 45 dual slant patch antennas are optimized to match with the Altai A8/A2 antennas. It provides 3 dB more gain as compared to other V/H polarized CPEs
- High-performance antenna with 20 dB front-to-back ratio, which is on average 5 dB better then others in directional transmission without picking up unwanted signal
- The best data transmission rate and throughput available by using 802.11b/g/n radio
- Powered by laptop by using a USB cable
- Multi-level LED for easy alignment in the strongest signal direction
- Increase signal strength for both NLOS and LOS coverage areas

For more detailed description [ U1 Super WiFI USB Client Datasheet]
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