Wireless Networks

Maybe you are wondering what can wireless networks could do, and here it is; Wireless LANs connect your people to your host computer system, providing a secure and reliable link between your IT systems and the shop floor.

It is critical in terms of the design and configuration of a wireless network to provide reliable, secure performance in any real time logistics application.

At SPL Tech Corp, we make sure to begin at your current IT systems infrastructure, including any networks that are in place, and the physical environment in which the RTL solution is to operate.

In line with this, network architecture is essential so here we are to give you a comprehensive advice regarding on  the choice of middleware if required, implementing Voice over IP (VoIP), and a range of security measures including the use of secure servers, sensors, WIPS (wireless intrusion prevention systems) and PCI-compliance.

As your reliable source, we provide you what are the benefits that you can get using Wireless Networks (WLAN)

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  • It brings the power of your LAN and IT systems to your mobile workforce.
  • It supports a wide range of RTL Wi-Fi enabled Technologies
  • It is accurate in terms of data collection as well as data transfer
  • It enhances the productivity of the workers.
  • It has the ability to remove paper and can facilitate paperless warehousing
  • It facilitates the real time data transfer and supply chain management.
  • It can also eliminate the time and labour of intensive repetitive tasks.
  • It optimizes equipment and resource utilization.
Mobile Data Computers

Wireless mobile data computers, or also known as RF terminals, provide a real time interface between your people and your host computer system through giving your people the information. It has constant required information, with increased productivity, improved accuracy and enhanced customer service levels.

What is the most applicable for you? In terms of Wireless mobile data computers, it can be complex. Figuring and working out which is best for your mobile computer applications must undergo extensive knowledge, experience and logistics.

There must be a specific designed environment for industrial mobile data computing– It must be within the cover of a warehouse, large, outdoor areas like container terminals, or across your whole enterprise.

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These are the benefits of having Mobile Data Computing:

  1. It has the ability to increase productivity which is very essential to all the factors.
  2. It enhances customer service.
  3. It can give efficient resource allocation and utilization.
  4. It can support decision making
  5. It can provide - + 99.9%  high level of accuracy
  6. It improves data integrity as well as inventory management
  7. It has the ability to provide accurate and timely information and reporting
  8. It has a greater supply chain visibility and reporting compared with others.
Voice-Directed Computing

The most innovative factor where in it causes consistently creating bottom line savings and advantage for those pioneers of the technology is known as the Voice-directed computing.

Voice-directed computing cause’s productivity edge among others is particularly suited to order picking applications with its hands free and eyes-free operation.

Since SPL Tech Corp is executing this kind of service, hundreds of companies have increased productivity, accuracy and throughput, reduced labour costs and enhanced OH&S.

These are the benefits in using Voice-Directed Computing:
  • The application of hands and eyes-free operation causes the increase in productivity and throughput.
  • The Rapid ROI from 3-18 months.
  • Accuracy during picking, by using check digits.
Through speaker-dependent solution, it provides accurate and speed speech recognition in noisy environments direct interfaces to most WMS.
Enterprise Mobility

Everything is possible because of rapid changes and advances in communications connectivity, that makes the power of real time mobile data computing on the road, it enhances supply chain visibility and versatile in giving users the information needed, when and where they need it.

The ability of wireless mobile data computers to utilise telco’s 3G and other third-party digital data communications networks extends all the corners of Australasia and beyond, making enterprise-wide RTL solutions a reality.

These are the benefits using Enterprise mobility:
  • It provides greater supply chain visibility
  • It has the ability in improving data integrity
  • It provides full track, trace and proof-of-delivery
  • It enhances customer service
  • It can give accurate data collection as well as data transfer
RFID Systems

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is an automatic identification technology for all types of objects.

What can RFID do? Simple, it allows data transfer between a small transponder (RFID Tag) attached to an object and a stationary or mobile RFID reader. If the RFID label or tag is moved within range of the reader, an electromagnetic field activates the RFID tag and transmits the relevant data according to its code.

RFID has an advance version that can also detect and report events, such as motion or temperature changes, extending their functionality beyond that of AutoID.
24/7 Service Support

At SPL Tech Corp we understand the need of customers to have immediate response to any problem that concerns the productivity of their business. That’s why we dedicate ourselves in providing 24/7 online and phone support to our clients. We even provide on-site support if the need arises.

Mobile Printers

Mobile printing applications have been growing in popularity as a standard for conducting business more efficiently.

SPL Tech Corp is a provider who works passionately with customers to listen, understand and then deliver a value-driven printing solution that minimizes risk and maximizes efficiency, safety, and quality.

These are the benefits of Mobile Printers
1. It can provide durability or ease of use that will satisfy the needs of your business and associate profiles.
2. It can provide specific solutions for your retail or route accounting applications that can keep your business efficient and error free.
3. It is a reliable partner for customized solutions that ease integration and reduce risk.

Business Software Solutions

Business software or a business application is any software or set of computer programs used by business users to perform various business functions. These business applications are used to increase productivity, to measure productivity and to perform other business functions accurately.

By and large, business software is likely to be developed to meet the needs of a specific business, and therefore is not easily transferable to a different business environment, unless its nature and operation is identical. Due to the unique requirements of each business, off-the-shelf software is unlikely to completely address a company's needs. However, where an on-the-shelf solution is necessary, due to time or monetary considerations, some level of customization is likely to be required. Exceptions do exist, depending on the business in question, and thorough research is always required before committing to bespoke or off-the-shelf solutions.

Some business applications are interactive, they have a graphical user interface or user interface and users can query/modify/input data and view results instantaneously. They can also run reports instantaneously. Some business applications run in batch mode: they are set up to run based on a predetermined event/time and a business user does not need to initiate them or monitor them.

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