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Altai Super WIFI Access Point(R2.1.0 Firmware Release Notes)

Published on 06-12-2017Email To Friend    Print Version


The new firmware release note applies to all products with firmware release v2.1.0.1312. Below are the H/W versions of different product series for firmware v2.1.0.x support
H/W Versions:
>= 1.3
>= 1.2
>= 2.0

Bugs Fixes (Firmware v2.1.0.1312)

  • WPA/WPA2 KRACK vulnerability. This issue affects the following cases:
  • (1) AP mode with 802.11r enabled;
    (2) Station/Repeater mode using WPA/WPA2 authentication, no matter whether 802.11r is enabled or disabled.
  • Incorrect time display issue when NTP Time Zone selected as Indian Timezone / Colombo / Kolkata (UTC+5:30).
  • Time stamp in the AP log and historical statistics not consistent with the system time.
  • Clients being kicked out abnormally when Client SNR Threshold for Association/Min Client SNR feature is enabled on 802.11ac-supported devices.
  • Incorrect Max Tx/Rx Streams setting of both 2.4G and 5G radios for A2(ac) series product.
  • STP does not take effect on LAN side when Gateway mode is selected and enabled.
  • Scheduled Reboot does not run as expected when it is set on Sundays only. It turns out reboot every day.
  • Data rate shown incorrectly as 0.0Mbps for some 5G clients on the association table.
  • Improve stability of the Dynamic MAC Clone feature.
  • Intra User Isolation does not work as expected when multiple WLANs are configured with the same SSID but with different settings (enabled/disabled) of Intra User Isolation.
  • Unexpectedly high packet loss under network environment with multicast traffic running.

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